The Cambridge Mission

The Ordinariate in Cambridge


Group Pastor: The Revd. Professor (Fr) Allen Brent DD
T: 01223 362671

 Keir Martland

The Cambridge Mission began with Rev’d Professor Allen Brent, an academic, former Methodist preacher, and priest in the Anglican Communion for thirty years. Married to Kathy and now a grandfather, Father Allen was ordained deacon and then priest in the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate in April and June 2011 respectively. The Cambridge Mission and Group has, over the years, enjoyed a warm relationship with St Edmund’s College, with Fr Allen as Senior Fellow, Dean (2012-13) and now Dean’s Assistant. During Fr Allen’s time as Dean, the ‘Anglican Patrimony’ was shared with the wider Catholic community in a highly successful weekly Evensong and Benediction with supper afterwards.


Our Group includes both ‘town’ and ‘gown’, even if our worship is principally in university or university-affiliated Chapels, and you will find us a friendly and outwardly-looking bunch. Today, the Group worships principally at St Edmund’s College, as a separate Catholic community, and also at Fisher House and very occasionally in Anglican College Chapels. Details of Anglican Patrimony reading groups or occasional lectures are announced as and when. Those interested in recommended literature in the meantime might contact Mr Michael Miller (Jesus College), email:


Those interested in instruction with a view to reception into the Ordinariate can get in touch with Fr Allen directly or through the University Catholic Chaplaincy, Fisher House. Those interested in serving and/or reading at Holy Communion should contact the Clerk, Mr Keir Martland (Selwyn College), email:

Those wishing to sing should contact our Director of Music.

Catholic clergy who wish to sit in Quire are most welcome and should bring their own cassock.